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Heading home!
Posted By: Ashley Bringle   6/12/2014
¡Hola! First, let me say I am very sorry we have not posted the last couple of days. Wifi here has been very sporadic. We have been able to post to Facebook and Instagram but every time we try to post a blog it deletes and never posts. I plan to back track once home in the good ole US of A. 
As some of you may know my husband Mr. Neil was injured yesterday at Manuel Antonio National Park where we were supposed to spend a joyful relaxing day at te beach. All of that fun was short lived though as the boys came running over to me saying they thought Mr. Neil broke his ankle. At first, I thought they were playing a joke (as you have learned from previous posts my husband is a fun haver) but sadly it was not a joke and he was in pretty bad shape. We had to get a taxi sent for us to come get him because it was quite a hike to the entrance of the park where our bus was located. Neil could not put any weight on it at all. At first we thought if we could find some crutches (aka muletas) we could make it home. Gustavo and I went to la pharmàcia but they did not sell anything like that there. They gave Gustavo directions to la Clinicà where we met Dra. Melina Cousin. Long story short there she thought he had a level 3 sprain (es guince) and to stay off of ot completely. 
Neil has had a rough day today. He couldn't go on the nature walk and slipped on a place where the floor was wet and had to use his bad ankle to break the fall. Which was no bueno! He has been in excruciating pain all day. Some of our group is sick from something we ate and are struggling to say the least. We have had an experience of a lifetime but we are so looking forward to when we step back home in Memphis!! 
Day 3: Plant Tree, Cloud Forest, Local School, Night Walk
Posted By: Jamie Ralyea   6/7/2014
Day 3
   ¡Hola! So we have had another adventurous day. After a 6:45 breakfast we headed out to Monteverde. During one point of our trip, our bus driver Victor had to make a very sharp turn and everyone held their breathe unknowing of making it. Finally he did and we all cheered. After an hour or so we saw a family of roughly 15 monkeys on the power lines and five minutes later we saw toucans fling over. We got out to see the monkeys. In Monteverde we got to our hotel called hotel don tacos and ate lunch. 

    Then we headed out to the reserve. There we planted a tree in the ecosystem. We named our tree Liz. After we got down and dirty we headed up to Santa Elena cloud forest. We walk on the youth challenge. It was VERY rainy. There was a tower to look over the canopy. I went to the very top with Neil but that is a whole other story. We also saw a large ground rainforest millipede. It was black and yellow. I almost stepped on it. 

     After the reserve we went to a local school. At the school the children only spoke Spanish. We learned their name age and grade. There was only 8 kids at the school. Three of the children danced two songs for us. Then who ever wanted to got to put on skirts and learn a dance too. The skirts were heavier then they look. They were very colorful too. After that we went to the class rooms they had cookies and juice for us. The class rooms were tiny. Then we played soccer with the kids. They were all extremely kind. At first the team I was on was losing by a lot and then we made a HUGE come back. I had so much fun playing soccer. My sister can not do some of the soccer tricks that the third and fourth graders did. It is amazing how much Costa Ricans love soccer. 

      We also did a night walk. It was only about a minute into the walk when we saw the orange kneed tarantula sitting in a nearby tree. We continued further in the walk and saw two different types of toucans. We also saw the two toed sloth early on too. There were a ton of brown jays there. We also saw the leaf cutting ants, soldier ants aka fire ants, and their colony. The army ants are so strong that our tour guide gave it a twig that was three to four times it's size,and it held it with no problem. There were also many different kinds of spiders that we saw. Later on we saw VERY fresh puma tracks in the mud along our path. 

     So as we said yesterday,we have more stories about Neil. When we stopped to look at the monkeys at the side of the road he kept yelling "come here rafiki" to them. When we finally got to the hotel he decided to wear his travel pillow as a beard while we were waiting to get off the bus, and when we did get off he put it on top of his head. So while in the canopy tower he had his arms and legs out spread like a gorilla. He would not let go of the rail. The only reason he went up the was because he could not be beat by his wife. When he got down he said that he was hanging over the edge with one arm. For half of the rest of the hike kept quoting Forrest Gump in the same accent. On the way to the school he kept saying that he has a pet jaguar named hugo.  When we left the school and were almost at the hotel he had his face pushed against the glass and people were laughing. We already know that there will be more to tell about him tomorrow. Till tomorrow. Good night. 
             Jamie Ralyea and
                       Patricia Anderson 
Day 2: Kayak, Waterfall, Chocolate Tour, and Hot Springs
Posted By: Jamie Ralyea   6/6/2014
   Pura Vida!!!! Day 2 was a very long exciting day. We got up at 6:00 am to get ready for the day. For breakfast, we had pancakes, eggs sausage, and fresh pineapple.

   After that we headed up to Lake Arenal to go kayaking. The tour guides were very kind. I did not think that I could kayak that much. It took a lot of arm strength. We kayaked in a huge loop to a small island in the lake. We stopped and swam for a bit. It was kinda cold when we first got in, but it was not too bad after a few second. We took a lot of pictures. When we were done swimming we headed back. Kayaking was amazing to sit in and look at the scenery around us. 
    Next, we headed up to La Fortuna Waterfall. OMG!! The walk up and down was leg shattering. There were over 400 steps to get to the falls. Once we got to the bottom it was all worth it. The scenery was gorgeous. Then we went to a lower place to swim and the water so clear. We even tried to catch the fish that were there with us. The water was freezing when you first get in it. The rocks were very slippery too. The waterfall was breathtaking. We went back to the hotel for lunch. 

   After lunch we had an optional chocolate tour. Of course Patricia and I took up on it because of the CHOCOLATE!!!!!! We learned a lot about the process of making chocolate and cacao bean aka chocolate bean. We got to taste the chocolate in its different stages. We got to try making the chocolate from scratch like crushing the cacao  beans and grinding them too. We also learned about the history of Costa Rica chocolate making. During the tour it started to down pour, but it was okay after a little bit. We got to eat as much chocolate as we wanted and try different things with our chocolate. Then we came back to get the rest of the group to go to hot springs. 

   Hot springs was so relaxing. I got a mango Virgin daiquiri and it was very different than the U.S.A. There was many kinds of hot and cold springs to choose from. Toward the end we just waded and talked with our new friend.

  On the tour so far one of the adults was acting like a funny child. His name is Mr. Neil. At one point we introduced ourselves and he said he was a singer song writer and starred in magic mike. Lol. He even sang a bit for us. It was hilarious. Before we got on the plane he said the best part is when you flip backwards. While waiting for people to get off the bus, he was running around using his towel as a cape. Then he put it under his hat like Arabians. Soon after there were soon big black birds on a hill near by drying their wing and he had his arms out like wings and started walking to them. In the kayak with his wife, he kept trying to flip the kayak over. There will be more to come about him. 

  All in all we had a great day. Can not wait for the rest of the trip!!!!!

                    Jamie Ralyea and 
                            Patricia Anderson
Day 1: Lunch, Ox cart factory, and coffee shop
Posted By: Addie Davis   6/6/2014
We ate lunch at a local place and it was very good. My favorite part of the meal was the dessert! Then we toured and ox cart factory where we toured how people hand made Ox carts, saw them paint it, and also other souveniors.  So far it's been very busy, and being tired feels great when you are doing such fun stuff in Costa Rica! Can't wait for the rest of the trip!
We landed!
Posted By: Ashley Bringle   6/4/2014

To everyone at home. We have landed, ate a late dinner, checked everyone in their rooms, and sent them to bed! It is 11:49 and we have to be at breakfast by 6:45. We will post as much as possible tomorrow! 

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Costa Rica Bound
Posted By: Ashley Bringle   6/4/2014
We are ready to go! In route to Memphis International Airport right now! We have 26 wonderful students, parents, and teachers representing Munford, Brighton, Halls, and Gleason FFA!
Adios Amigos
Posted By: Ashley Bringle   6/3/2014
We are bound for San Jose, Costa Rica tomorrow!!! We are so very excited to begin this journey! We will keep you as up to date as possible while on tour! Students are arriving at 9:30 am to prepare for our 10 am departure.  We are flying out of Memphis at 1:25 and will be meeting our connecting flight in Dallas.  If you can...Say a quick prayer for all 26 of our group that will be traveling this week! Bon Voyage! 
day 6 part 2
Posted By: Margaret Ann Mize   7/10/2012

Day 6- (Afternoon)

After the long intense day of kayaking and climbing those 500 concrete block squares that’s supposed to be stairs we got back on the bus to our hotel to eat some lunch. Shortly after we loaded back on to Marvi and headed out once again. We stopped by the local city to look around some and get some money out of the ATMs, and there we finally ate a cheese burger at the local burger king! Of course it didn’t taste like our American Burger Kings but it was still sooo good! After we left the city we finally got to head to the very anticipated hot springs to relax in a soothing hot pool. They had so many different pools and Jacuzzis all with different temperatures and sizes. They also had these things called wetbars which were just how they sounded. They were bars that sat in the water so people could just swim up and buy yourself a drink. We all had the smoothies there was mango, strawberries, pineapples, and  banana flavors, The 3 hours we had there flew by and we wish we could’ve stayed longer because of how relaxing it was. Once we left we loaded the bus and headed back to the hotel for dinner and we all went straight to bed, because we had one full filled intensive day.


Margaret-Ann Mize

Day 6 part 1
Posted By: Cory Wright   7/10/2012

Day 6- (morning)

We started off with a foggy and chilly morning but that is alright we wouldn’t let it get us down. We got on the bus and headed out to the lake for some early morning kayaking. We came up on a boat ramp were we met our guides. After being briefed on everything we could and couldn’t do we were all ready to get started. We got paired up picked our oars and kayaks and we were off. We followed our tour guide around the lake and stopped for a swim. On the way back to the dock it started raining and the wind was blowing against us. When we got half way back the tour guide stopped all of us together and told us we could race. We were all excited to start but after we started we were ready for it to be over, because after white water rafting the day before and kayaking about an hour, we were worn out. After the kayaking was over with we were headed off to see the water fall. This was so cool. I mean how often do you see a water fall in Tennessee. When we got there we walked up a small hill were there was a green platform were we could see the water fall and it was beautiful. Once we stepped off the platform we looked to our left and there was a drop off and when you walked to this drop off and looked down there were the steps we had to walk down to get to the water fall. These steps were step slippery and many different shapes and sizes. Once at the base we were aloud to swim and the water there was freezing. The last part was the walk up the stairs and that was very painful and we were glad to be at the top. Another great day to be in Costa Rica.


Cory Wright

Chapter treasurer

The Sarapiqui River Rapids
Posted By: Payton Hendershott   7/9/2012

July 8th 2012 .

 Today we got to experience the chance of a life time. We got to go white water rafting in the Sarapiqui river. To start off the adventure they took us to a mini cliff and we got to jump off into the water and float downstream to our designated area. When our group got to the starting point we were so pumped to get in the water again. For many of us it was our first time ever water rafting. The limit was 6 to a group and all the teens +Mrs.Carrie got into one raft (team 3), and the rest of the adults got into another raft. Being on the river was so much fun and when it came time to break we got to eat fresh pineapple, jump off the rafts into the river, & swim for about 30 minutes. After our break we got back into our rafts and headed down the stream once again. Team 3’s raft kept getting stuck on the rocks but it was so much fun working together. When we eventually caught up the other raffs we got into a splash war with our paddles, and everyone go soaked once again. Today was amazing and everyone enjoyed it so much, we are looking forwards to what the next day brings.

Chocolate Tour!
Posted By: Alex Pitts   7/9/2012

Day Five:

One of my favorite activities so far was going on the chocolate tour. We learned about the whole chocolate making process, from seed to candy bar!


First we sat through a seminar on the entire chocolate making process. The first process was cracking open the cocoa seed and getting the beans out. I (Alex) was able to demonstrate to the entire group on how to do this. When it opened it wasn’t what I expected. It was slimy and kind of smelled like watermelon and squash mixed. GROSS! We had to suck on the seeds to put our bacteria on the seed and then we put them in a bin to fermintate. They sit in there for seven days. They already had some that were that old, so we were able to crack them open and try the early stages of chocolate. They were really bitter and no one really liked them. Then they are roasted and we tried those as well. They were a little bit better than the raw ones, but still very bitter. Then they were ground up and Mr. Neil, Mrs. Ashley, Cory, and Margaret-Ann were able to do this as well. After they were ground up we put it in hot water and were able to have fresh hot cocoa and were able to put special ingrediants in it, such as nutmeg, vanilla, hot pepper and black pepper. It was definitely an experience to try these things. They had a special treat for us and had some melted chocolate ready for us to try. It was definatley WAY better than the other items that we tried. After the demonstration, he presented us with fifteen cocoa beans a piece as a souviner. I am glad that he did, so I can take them back to my dad. After this experience we were able to walk across the Sarapiqui suspension bridge across the Sarapiqui River. Most of us were scared, but it was great to be able to look over the river.


Anyways, tomorrow we have a jam-packed day as we go kayaking on the Arenal Lake, relaxing in the natural hot springs, and enjoying some time looking at the waterfalls. Talk to you all tomorrow!

-Alex J

Canopy tour
Posted By: Cory Wright   7/7/2012
After our long boat and bus ride to our next hotel we finally got to go ziplining. This was an experience we will never forget. When we first got to the area we had to sign our wavers and then we were off to get our gear. Once our helmets were on and our harnesses were tight we rode in a tractor trailer to our first line. This line was for beginners so it was short and slow, but as we got further and further they got faster and faster. While we were ziplining we were told to watch out for bullet ants and while waiting we actually saw two. These ants were about an inch long and looked mean. There were 9 different lines and the last one was by far the best. It was a little under a mile and we picked up so much speed. You will never find anything like this in west Tennessee.
Day four!
Posted By: Alex Pitts   7/7/2012
Today is day four on our GoFFA trip! We had a sad morning this morning as we had to say goodbye to our your guide and good friend Jorge. After our traditional Costa Rican breakfast of tortillas, beans and rice, eggs, this sausage/bacon link, pancakes and banana chips, we headed back on the boat and made the hour and a half trek back to the mainland by boat. 

After we got back onto "The Marvi" we headed towards our destination ... Sarapiqui, Costa Rica! But, on the way, we had to make a pitstop in town to get a few snacks from the super mercado and some souvenirs from the store as well. A few of us were able to get fresh ice cream that was made on a cold stone! 

After leaving the store we headed towards our hotel. We pulled up to our hotel we were amazed a the site! Our cabins are cabana style surrounded by plants an flowers; sort of like our other hotel in Tortuguero. The thing that we were most excited about, was that we actually have air-conditioning and HOT water! It was a good treat. 

After arriving to our hotel with had another lunch and were off to zip line across the rainforest! Tht was an adventure. We went down nine different levels of lines. About halfway through the second we it decides to rain. We figured that this would happen since we are in the middle of the rainforest. Haha. Cory is going to explain more about the zip lining so be sure to check his blog out! 

Tonight, Wendy, our tour director, treated us to some American food! PIZZA AND GARLIC BREAD! We had Pepsi as well! Anyways, we are about to go and enjoy some free time dancing at the "disco." an then get some shut-eye and get ready for a long day ahead of us. Tomorrow we are going white water rafting down the Sarapiqui river! Talk to you guys tomorrow!
-Alex :D
Goodbye Torteguero, Hello Sarapiqui!
Posted By: Rebekah Davenport   7/7/2012
This morning we woke up, packed our bags and loaded up the boat and head to our next hotel. After an hour boat ride we finally made it back to streets and rode the "marci" two hours to the city of Sarapiqui where we got to spend time in the town. We made it back to the hotel, unloaded our bags, ate a yummy lunch, then went zip lining in the midst of a storm. It definitely was an adventure. The best part of the day.definitely had to be dinner. Finally American food. Now some of us are headed to a night tour and others to sleep. Its been a great day! Pura veda!
Day 3!
Posted By: Rebekah Davenport   7/6/2012
  After getting back to the hotel late last night we got up early this morning to get our day started. OUr morning began with breakfast then a tour of the Tortugueo National Park on the Harold Canal. On this trip we say animals that yout usually only see in the movies. We saw every breed of monkey that lives in this region of Costa Rica including spider monkeys, howler monkeys, and the white face capuccin "mono". In addition to those we got to see camien, came face to face with a  bird eating snake, and saw otters which is rare even for those living in Costa Rica! With the help of our awesome tour guide Jorge it was an exciting trip.

  We actually had a free afternoon to explore and do whatever we wanted so after a power nap and quick swim in the pool we crossed the river back to the actual city of Tortuguero and spent the afternoon one enjoying the beach. I have to say that it's been an amazing day and I can't wait to get to go zip lining in the morning! Go FFA! 

Sea Turtles
Posted By: Cory Wright   7/6/2012
After a great dinner and an hour of dancing we were off to see the sea turtles lay eggs. We had to take a boat from our hotel to another island where we could meet our guides. We were briefed on how the turtles went through the seven processes of laying eggs. Then we had to wait for our guides to go out to the beach without us to find the turtles. While on the trails we were aloud to use our flashlights but after we were on the beaches we could not pull out our lights,phones,or cameras. While on the beach we saw four different turtles, two were on the beach laying eggs while two more were just coming out of the water. One of the turtles that was laying eggs had dug up an older nest which meant we were able to hold some of the eggs. The eggs were very soft and about the size of a ping pong ball. When we were not watching the turtles we were watching a tropical storm that was on the horizon over the ocean. Being on the beach at that time was very relaxing with the waves crashing on the beaching and the full moon. This was a very unforgettable moment for the members of our chapter.

Munford FFA Treasurer
Cory Wright
Posted By: Margaret Ann Mize   7/6/2012
Day 2 7-5-12
   After our night in San Jose we woke up bright and early to head out to Totuguero! It was a 3 hour car ride and a 1 1/2 by boat. In Tortuguero there are no cars and everyone travels bty boat. It was well worth for the senery. We are seeing animals everyday that most would only see on the discovery channel or zoos. It is truly an ones in a life time expericance. Once we arrived to Tortuguero we went to the local villiage. This is were the locals make their money and buy grocerys. We saw many of the locals there and they are very friendly, we also couldnt believe how many chickens and animals run around the villiage. Once we finsihed shopping we walked through the villiage which led to the ocean. I was so amazed by it because i had never been to an ocean. I also never couldve how much it rains here. The trip so far as been already been well worth every penny and we are having a blast. 
Posted By: Alex Pitts   7/6/2012
Food and relaxation is one of my favorite things to experiance when I travel! Having never been outside the country before, I was really pumped about being able to experiance the different cultures food and how they spend their free-time!

When we landed in San Jose, Costa Rica, the Capitol, we found out that this was no small city! We learned that the city holds two million people and no one really drives vehicles. It is like our version of New York City. We had free-time before dinner, so Cory and I (Alex) decided to walk around the streets and check out the scenery. AS soon as we walked out of the hotel we were bombarded by a group of people that were standing around watching a group of teenagers showing off their dancing skills. They were quite talented. AS we kept walking we stumbled upon their version of a McDonalds. There was not front to it and it was all open. We went in and they had only had 6 selections, two of which we do not have in America! Needless to say, it was an experiance trying to order! That night we made it to dinner and we were served an assortment of foods, rice, beans, salad, fries, and beef. All of which was VERY DIFFERENT. Our night stay in San Jose was quite a culture shock. But, it was a great experience. 

After we arrived in paradise, I mean Tortuguero, Costa Rica the scenery just drew us in! That is the first thing that you see. The flowers, serene surroundings, the sound of the jungle and the people! 

The flowers here are absolutely gorgeous! Being in Tennessee and only seeing these flowers in school and on movies is definitely a change! It may be because I am a plant enthusiast or it may be because I just notice the small things. But, being here is definitely like being in a movie. On the way here our tour director, Wendy, told us about all the different types of plants in the different types of plants in the different elevations. Poor mans umbrellas, broccoli trees, qepooc are just a few trees that we were able to see in the different elevations. We were also able to see wild orchids growing, birds-of-paradise, heliconias and bromeliads.

The surroundings were also another "awe" moment that we had. The buildings were all open, the weather was perfect, aside from the fact that it rained A LOT, the people were friendly, and the water was perfect! The coconut trees are what drew us kids in quickly. Payton found a coconut that still in the shell, so we all decided to crack it open and enjoy us some fresh coconut!

For me, the people were my favorite. Trying to interpret what they were saying, the way they communicate with each other and how friendly they were. As I said earlier, the McDonald's incident was just the first time I had to try and interpret the Costa Ricans. Luckily, for us, most of the tour guides are somewhat fluent in English or find a way to interpret what they are saying. When they are talking to each other I get so intriguied. How fast they speak and the way they use their hands was just amazing.  When we were in San Jose everyone was wanting to talk to us and was just so grateful for everything that we did. In Tortuguero, the natives that helped us around the town were so nice and helped us with any questions that we had. Our tour guide, Jorge, was especially nice. Going beyond what he was supposed to do on our boat tour to ensure that we had the best experience possible!

Anyways, that's just a little of what we have done. Hope to see you all soon! :) 

Travel to Tortuguero , bus/boat.
Posted By: Payton Hendershott   7/6/2012

Thursday, July 5th. 
Traveling to Costa Rica has been one of the best experiences. Leaving San Jose, Costa Rica we went through three different provinces the first day. Going through all of the towns made us realize how different we live, and to appreciate what we do have. Our first stop when riding the bus was the market. On the way there we saw 3 sloths on the side of the road in the trees, there were 2 adults and one baby. Later we went to the banana farm and learned how they grew the bananas and why they put plastic bags over the blooms.  Also we got to try the different fruits they were selling at the fruit stands. Momin Chino was the most liked by everyone. After the 3 1/2 hour bus ride we got off & got into the boats! We then proceeded to head down the La Squerte River, the La Baula Lodge is where we ended up staying. We have had such a great time so fun & pumped for the rest of our trip!

Una Dia! (Day One) San Jose, Costa Rica
Posted By: Ashley Bringle   7/4/2012
Day One has been jam packed with excitement and adventure already!  Four of the students traveling (Alex, Rebekah, Payton, and Margaret-Ann) had never flown before so needless to say there were many gasps and crazed faces by the time we landed in  Houston. We had to run like mad people to make our connecting flight because we had to be moved to a different flight due to the delay. But we made it! We were the last people to board the plane, but we made it. Due to the fact that we were crammed into this flight, we were not able to sit near each other. So except for a lucky few, most of us got to make new friends on the flight! 

We made it safely in Costa Rica! For me it really didn't feel like we left the country because it only took about 3 hours from Houston to get there. Much different from my previous international experiences. (12 hours to China and 8 hours to Spain) So this was pleasant and I thought it would be easy on the kids because they wouldn't have jet lag. We are only one hour behind central time in Tennessee. 

While boarding the tour bus to head to the hotel, our Tour Director Wendy oriented us with our new found surroundings and tour plans. We arrived at the hotel about 3:30 and we would be meeting Wendy at 4 for a city tour since we would only be in San Jose for one night. One thing we immediately noticed was no air conditioning in the hotel. But the temperature is much different than compared at home. It is about 78 degrees so not too unbearable. 

We left for the city tour and just got to see a few sights. One of my favorite parts was there was a coffee plant in the middle of town that had some fresh berries on it. The berries are a red color and you gently squeeze them to get the coffee bean out. But the coffee bean is much different than I had imagined. They are a light green and kind of slimy. Wendy instructed us to put one of the seeds in our mouth and suck on it, not to bite it. It tasted very sweet, nothing like coffee! It only has the coffee flavor until it is roasted and will turn the dark color that we know and love! 

I am having trouble uploading pictures to the website by iPhone and iPad. So you may have to enjoy pictures on Facebook!

Unexpected Things Usually Make the Trip!
Posted By: Ashley Bringle   7/4/2012
So a lot of us have been up since 3 am. We met at Munford High School at 4:30 and arrived at the airport at 5:30 only to find out that out flight is delayed 3 hours! Bummer! The excitement continued as I found out one of my students left their ID and the other put a normal size bottle of shampoo in their carry on bags! I have learned you can never remind teenagers too much! So now we are hanging out in the good ole Memphis International Airport! Check out some photos of this mornings festivities on our FACEBOOK page!
Less than 24 hours!
Posted By: Rebekah Davenport   7/3/2012
    In just a few more hours we'll be boarding the plane and heading to Costa Rica! I can't believe it's finally almost here and i'm excited for this experience!
Bon Voyage!
Posted By: Ashley Bringle   7/2/2012
It is Monday July 2, 2012!  That means we have less than 48 hours before we board the plane for Costa Rica!  I am very excited as it is officially the first ever GoFFA International Trip!  Our travelers include, Ashley Bringle, Neil Bringle, Ted Davenport, Rebekah Davenport, Cory Wright, Alex Pitts, Kelly Hendershott, Payton Hendershott, Carrie Mize, and Margaret-Ann Mize.

Our goal is to blog each night to give everyone an update from our tour.  So keep up with us for the duration.  Day One will be mostly traveling, so we may not have too much to post, but we will be posting lots of pictures and blogs the rest of the time!

I am so happy that these students are getting the opportunity to see the world and achieve our motto of "Putting the Culture in Agriculture."

Pray for safe travels for the group!


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