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Floral Design

Standard 1.0 The student willevaluate the history and career opportunities available in the retail/wholesaleflorist industry.

Learning Expectations                                                                                                                    

1.1          Examine the history of floral design.       ½

1.2          Assess the career opportunities in the retail floristbusiness.       ½

1.3          Examine local jobs available in the retail flower business.              ½

1.4          Evaluate the training requirements for a job in the retailfloral shops.      ½


Standard 2.0 The student willassess competencies needed to manage a wholesale or a retail florist business.

Learning Expectations                                                                                                                   

2.1          Assess changes in needed floral materials due to seasonal changesin demand for floral products.            ½

2.2          Figure the cost of a floral bill of materials.             ½

2.3          Evaluate the use of financial software and tools forkeeping records in the floral industry.             1

2.4          Assess the importance of telephone etiquette in the floralindustry.       ½

2.5          Examine the procedures for making a sale to prospectivecustomers.     ½

2.6          Analyze the production and costs of each of the importantfloriculture crops.     1


Standard 3.0 The student willevaluate design and illustrate construction principles used to prepare floralarrangements.

Learning Expectations                                                                                                             

3.1          Evaluate the basic principles of floral design.       ½

3.2          Examine the basic floral design shapes used in the floralindustry.             ½

3.3          Illustrate basic floral construction principles.        ½

3.4          Evaluate design software that can be used in the floralindustry.               1


Standard 4.0 The student willassess the use of commonly cut flowers, greenery and indoor plants for privateand commercial floral arrangements.

Learning Expectations                                               

4.1          Examine the use of cut flowers, greenery and indoor plants,based on form and shape. ½

4.2          Analyze traits of the most commonly used cut flowers andindoor plants.             ½

4.3          Evaluate the seasonal availability of flowers, foliage andindoor plants.   ½

4.4          Relate colors in which flowers are available to seasonaldemands for floral arrangements.            ½

4.5          Compare the keeping quality of various flowers.               ½

4.6          Evaluate the use of the most common indoor flowering andfoliage plants.          ½

4.7          Evaluate the effect of environmental conditions on floralarrangement longevity.             ½

4.8          Examine techniques for using indoor plants for decoration.         ½


Standard 5.0 The student willassess and demonstrate the use of dried and permanent flowers in the floralindustry.

Learning Expectations                                                      

5.1          Evaluate the processes of design, preservation and care ofdried and permanent materials.        1

5.2          Compare commonly used materials used in dried floralarrangements.   1

5.3          Select materials needed for silk, dried and permanentflowers. 1

5.4          Evaluate methods for drying and preserving floralmaterials.       1


Standard 6.0 The student willassess techniques used to coordinate and construct a complete special eventorder.

Learning Expectations                                             

6.1          Complete an order form for a special occasion.  1

6.2          Evaluate the decoration needs for a special event usingfloral arrangements.      1


Standard 7.0 The student willintegrate academic competencies with competencies used in the floral designindustry.

Learning Expectations                                              

7.1          Cross reference plants, flowers and specimen with culturalholidays and traditions.         ½

7.2          Use advanced publication methods to determine new floraldesigns and techniques.

7.3          Present methods for greeting customers and using telephoneetiquette.             ½

7.4          Compute prices of floral products.           ½

7.5          Calculate discount prices for floral materials.       ½

7.6          Compute taxes on marketable products. ½

7.7          Complete applicable records for income and expensestatements.          ½

7.8          Determine nutritional needs of plants.

7.9          Evaluate control measures for insect and organisminfestation.

7.10        Determine temperature effects on floral products.

7.11        Evaluate biological control methods for plant growth andmaturation schedules.


Standard 8.0 The student will developpremier leadership and personal growth needed in the floral design industry.

Learning Expectations                                            

8.1          Evaluate professional organizations open for membership toretail florists.          ½

8.2          Compare membership requirements in the professional tradeorganizations.     1

8.3          Examine certification programs for retail florists.               1

8.4          Determine what is needed in a business plan for an SAEP,supervised agricultural experience program, in floriculture.        ½

8.5          Evaluate the use of appropriate business etiquette in ameeting.              ½


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