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In our 30' x 60' greenhouse the classes grow hydroponic lettuce and tomatoes as well as traditional bedding plants and hanging baskets.  We also have a small hydroponic fodder system that is used to supplement the feed for the sheep in our barn.  The newest addition to our greenhouse is the repurposing of our fish tank; in which, we plan to grow shrimp starting in January.




This is our hydroponic lettuce system funded by the FFA: Food For All Grant.  The grant allowed us to expand the lettuce program to produce 110 heads a week.  This has given us the oppotunity to increase sales but to also donate lettuce to the local food bank.  Bibb Lettuce can be purchase for $1.50 per head. 

This is our hydroponic tomatoes that we are currently growing. We tried a few methods to get the tomatoes started but with hard work we found a great method for this system. Behind the buckets with the tomatoes we have string tied at the top and bottom for when the tomatoes get taller they have something to grab on too.


This is our hydroponic fodder system. We soak the fodder seed in bleach before we put it the trough. Then we have an automatic watering system that waters the fodder three minutes every two hours. This fodder is grown to supply the feed for the sheep in our barn.

Lastly, this fish tank is the new addition to our greenhouse. We are currently repurposing this fish tank so that we can start raising fresh Shrimp in January.


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