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Forms and Applications:

Mrs. Ann  Ag Sales Mr. Fair
 National Chapter Award
Mr. Goulder  Land Judging Mrs. Ann  State Office Applications
Mr. Fair
 Livestock Judging Mrs. Ann
 West TN Officer Applications
Mr. Goulder  Parly Pro Mr. Goulder  State Talent
Mrs. Ann  Conduct of Chapter Meeting
Mrs. Hammond
 Chapter Elections
Mrs. Ann  Floriculture Mrs. Ann
 PLOW Application
Mr. Fair
 Nursery Mrs. Ann  Leadership Report Form
Mr. Newsom  Forestry Mrs. Ann  Fairs and Shows Point Forms
Mr. Goulder
 Horse judging Affiliate Chapter
 FFA Dues
 Quiz Bowl Mr. Newsom  Expenditure book
Mrs. Ann  Speaking & Employment Skills
Mr. Fair
 Proficiency Applications 
Mrs. Hammond
Mrs. Hammond
 State Degree Applications
Mr. Fair
 Lower Skills Mrs. Ann  American Degree Applications
Mr. Newsom  Upper Skills Mrs. Ann
 Star Greenhand
Mr. Goulder  Dairy Judging Mr. Fair
 Star State Degrees
    Mrs. Ann
 Annual Report
Mrs. Ann or Mr. Fair
Sheep  Events:  
Mrs. Hammond
Mr. Newsom Swine Mrs. Ann  Parly & CCM Invitational
  Mr. Fair
 Trivia Night
SAE visits ** ALL ADVISORS **  
    Mrs. Ann  Shrimp Boil
Tours & Hosting:   Mrs. Ann  Banquet
Mrs. Hammond
 Veterinary Science Lab Tour                 
Mr. Newsom  National FFA Week
Mrs. Ann  Greenhouse & Hydroponics Tour   
Mr. Goulder  Rush Week
Mr. Fair
 Large Animal Science Lab Tour
    On-Going Responsibilities:  
Trips:   Mr. Goulder  House and Senate
Mrs. Ann
 West TN Banquet  Mrs. Ann
 Go FFA Program
Mrs. Hammond
 GoFFA International Trips
Mr. Goulder  Chapter Meetings
Mr. Fair
 NAILE Mrs. Ann  Website Administrator
Mr. Goulder
 Greenhand Conference Mrs. Ann
 FFA Alumni Meetings
Mr. Fair
 State Officer Prep Courses
Mrs. Hammond
 GoFFA Program International
Mr. Newsom
 Alumni Holiday Program
 Mr. Fair
 Facility Improvements
Mrs. Ann  National Convention  Fundraisers:  
Mrs. Ann  State Convention  Mrs. Ann
 Bed Sheet Sales
Mr. Fair
 Alumni Convention Mrs. Ann  Chicken Wing Sales
Mr. Newsom
 Good Will Tour  Mrs. Ann  Mum Sales
Mr. Goulder  FFA Camp  Mr. Newsom  Boston Butts
Mr. Goulder
 Forestry Camp  Mr. Newsom  Fern Sales
Mrs. Ann
 Officer Retreat     
Mrs. Ann
 Alumni Retreat
Summer Camps:  

Mrs. Hammond
 Vet Science Camp

Mrs. Ann  Lamb Camp


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