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Constitution & Bylaws

Munford "Big Boll"FFA Chapter Constitution

(July 2013)


Article I. Name and Purposes


  Section A.     Chartered October 29, 1929 the name of this organization is and shall be the                                  

                        Munford"Big Boll" FFA Chapter, Tennessee FFA Association, National FFA                                        

                        Organization, Members are here in after referred to as FFA members and the letters                                  

                        FFA may be used to designate the chapter, its activities, or the members there of.


  Section B. The purposes for which this chapter was formed are as follows:


                        1.To develop competent and assertive agricultural leadership.

                        2.To increase awareness of the global and technological importance of agriculture and its contribution to our well being.

                        3.To strengthen the confidence of agriculture students in themselves and their work.

                        4.To promote the intelligent choice and establishment of an agricultural career.

                        5.To stimulate development and encourage achievement in supervised agricultural experience programs.

                        6.To improve the economic,environmental, recreational, and human resources of the community. 

                        7.To develop interpersonal skills in teamwork, communications, human relations, and social interaction.

                        8.To promote cooperation and cooperative attitudes among all people.

                        9.To promote healthy lifestyles.

                        10.To encourage excellence in scholarships.


Article II. Organization


  Section A. The Munford "Big Boll" FFA Chapter is a chartered local unit of the Tennessee Association of FFA that is chartered by the National FFA Organization.


  Section B. This chapter accepts in full the provisions in the constitution and bylaws of the Tennessee Association of the FFA as well as those of the National FFA Constitution.


Article III. Membership


  Section A. Membership in the Chapter shall be of three kinds: Active, Alumni, and Honorary as outlined in the National FFA Constitution.


 Section B. The regular work of this Chapter shall be limited to Active Membership that shall consist of four degrees. Those degrees are:

                  1.The Greenhand FFA Degree

                  2. The Chapter FFA Degree

                  3.The State FFA Degree

                  4.The American FFA Degree


                   All Greenhands and Chapter FFA Degree members, State FFA Degree Members, and American FFA Degree Members must meet the minimum qualifications for election according to the current official FFA manual for the year in which they apply for that degree.


                   All Greenhands are entitled to wear the regulation bronze emblem pin. All members holding the Chapter FFA Degree are entitled to wear the silver emblem pin. All members holding the State FFA Degree are entitled to wear the regulation gold emblem charm. All members holding the American FFA Degree are entitled to wear the regulation gold emblem key.



 Section C. Active Members in good standing may vote on all business brought before the chapter. An active member is considered to be in good standing when:


                  1.FFA dues are paid.

                  2.The member pays all bills owed to the chapter in a timely fashion.

                  3.The member participates in at least 1 chapter activity.

                  4.They are in satisfactory academic standing.

                  5.They possess a satisfactory conduct record.


  Section D.Membership Dues:                    


                  1.FFA membership dues set at $20.00 per member.


Article IV. Chapter Officers and Procedures for Election


Section A. The elected officers of the Munford FFA Chapter shall be President, Vice President of Student Development, Vice President of Chapter Development, Vice President of Community Development, Secretary of Correspondence, Secretary of Records, Reporter, Treasurer, Sentinel, Barn Manager, Historian and Recreationalist. (Additional officers may be added or deleted as needed)


Members wishing to run for an office must complete an officer application that must be turned in on time. All officer candidates must go through a personal interview, group interview and task assignments to be given by the advisors and nominating committee. All chapter members in good standing will be allowed to vote. The top candidates will be elected to office. Assignment of offices will be determined by:

 1. Popular Vote

 2. Interview Score

 3. Academic and Attendance Records

 4. Application Score

 5. Task Assignments

 6. Nominating Committee Report


All elected chapter officers must attend Officer retreat and Leadership camp unless special permission is granted by the advisors. Officers who do not perform their required duties will receive:

  1. Verbal Warning.
  2. A written and verbal reprimand form the advisors and executive committee.
  3. Notification of dismissal from the officer team.


Article V. Meetings


  Section A. Regular monthly meetings will be held during activity period of each month. If, for some reason, a meeting cannot be scheduled for a particular month, the meeting will be rescheduled for the next available activity period.


Article VI. Executive Branch


  Section A. The executive branch shall be comprised of all chapter officers. The executive branch shall meet one week prior to each chapter meeting to make an agenda.


Article VII. Legislative Branch


    Section A. The legislative branch shall be comprised of all chapter senators and representatives. The Legislative branch shall meet each month.


Article VII. Judicial Branch

    Section A. The judicial branch shall be comprised of all chapter advisors.


Article IX. Committees


      Section A.Members of standing committees of the Program of Activities shall be appointed from members in August and September as chapter dues are paid. Committee Chairmen will call committee meetings.


Article X. Parliamentary Authority



  Section A. The latest edition of Robert's Rules of Order shall serve as the chapter's parliamentary authority.

Munford"Big Boll" FFA Chapter Bylaws

(July 2013)


Article I.


  Section A.President:


                  It shall be the duty of the President to preside over all meetings of the Munford FFA Chapter of the National FFA Organization. The President shall call a meeting every month throughout the school year.


  Section B. Vice-President of Student Development:


                  The Vice-President of Student Development shall assume all of the duties of the President in the event that the office of President becomes vacant by resignation or otherwise; they shall also preside over meetings in the absence of the President. The Vice-President of Student Development shall oversee the completion of the Student Development Division of the Program of Activities. The Vice-President of Student Development shall serve as chairman of the House of Representatives.


Section C. Vice-President of Chapter Development:


                  The Vice-President of Chapter Development shall assume duties of the President if necessary. They shall oversee the Chapter Development Division of the Program of Activities. The Vice President of Chapter Development shall develop, print, and bind the Program of Activities. The Vice-President of Chapter Development shall serve as chairman of the Senate.


Section D. Vice-President of Community Development:


                 The Vice-President of Community Development shall assume the duties of the President if necessary. They shall oversee the completion of the Community Development Division of the Program of Activities. They shall also assist the advisors in scheduling meetings of the FFA Alumni.


Section E. Secretary of Records:


                  The Secretary of Records shall develop a chapter roster and issue membership cards.They shall record the minutes of the House of Representatives and executive meetings and read monthly minutes at executive meetings. The Secretary of Records shall also organize and print all banquet certificates.


 Section F: Secretary of Correspondence:

                  It is the duty of the Secretary of Correspondence to be responsible for all chapter correspondence and writing all thank you notes. They shall be responsible for sending out all banquet invitations and inviting people to the West Tennessee Awards Banquet. The Secretary of Correspondence shall assist the Secretary of Records in developing a chapter roster and issuing membership cards. They shall record the minutes of the Senate and read monthly minutes at executive meetings.




Section F. Treasurer


               The Treasurer shall provide a financial report at each chapter and executive meeting. They shall collect money at specific FFA functions, maintain a neat and accurate Treasurer's Book.  The treasurer shall organize a chapter banquet sponsorship drive. The Treasurer shall maintain a fundraiser Account Book, organize fundraisers, and chair the earnings, savings, and investments committee.


Section G. Reporter:


                  The Reporter shall take pictures at all FFA functions and download them onto the computer. The Reporter shall keep up with the camera and make sure it has batteries and that there is plenty of space on the memory card.  The Reporter shall secure, write, and deliver newspaper articles on a regular basis.


Section H. Sentinel:


                  The Sentinel shall set up and put away the paraphernalia for chapter meetings, shall welcome and introduce all guests and shall assist the President in maintaining order at all times. They shall also be responsible for a set-up committee when hosting any FFA event at Munford High School.


  Section I. Barn Manager:


                 The duties of the Barn Manager shall be to maintain the barn facilities and oversee exhibitors housing animals in the school barn. They shall issue fines as necessary for violations that occur in the barn.  They shall also organize a yearly Barn Clean-Up Day.

Section J. Historian: 
                The Historian shall produce and edit a year in review for the Chapter Banquet and the chapter scrapbook.

Section K. Recreationalist:  
                The Recreationalist shall serve as the Healthy Lifestyles Committee chairman and oversee all recreational events conducted by the Munford FFA Chapter.  Recreational events should be conducted once each quarter.


Section A. Any non-graduated FFA member is entitled to attend FFA camp. Graduated FFA members who have received their State FFA degree may attend camp. In-coming FFA members (such as eighth-graders) are also allowed to attend camp.


  Section B. Members attending FFA Career Development Event's will receive a three dollar stipend for each trip (provided the funds are available).


  Section C. On FFA trips, the eating order will be: girls eat first, boys eat next, and the teachers eat last.


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