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Ag Power and Equipment

Standard 1.0 Thestudent will demonstrate the safe use of agricultural tools and equipment.

Learning Expectations                                                                                             

1.1          Demonstratethe safe use of shop tools and equipment.              1                             

1.2          Specifythe safety color codes used in a shop environment.         1                             

1.3          Differentiatethe classes of fire and correlate with the appropriate fire extinguishersneeded for each class of fire.                1                             

1.4          Determinesafety procedures to be used in a shop environment.             1                             


Standard 2.0 Thestudent will summarize the theory of engine operation.

Learning Expectations                                                                                 

2.1          Distinguishbetween a motor and engine.            1                             

2.2          Summarizethe four-stroke cycle and the events that occur during each stroke. 1                             

2.3          Specifythe basic engine parts involved in the four-stroke cycle.                1                             

2.4          Summarizethe two-stroke cycle and the events that occur during each stroke.  1                             

2.5          Specifythe basic engine parts involved in the two-stroke cycle. 1                             

2.6          Distinguishbetween gasoline and diesel engines.             1                             


Standard 3.0 Thestudent will demonstrate the basic operation of agricultural machinery.

Learning Expectations                                                                                                 

3.1          Demonstrateroutine maintenance procedures.                2                             

3.2          Demonstratefunctions of various agricultural equipment.            2                             

3.3          Recommendhitch systems used on agricultural equipment.        2                             


Standard 4.0 Thestudent will demonstrate the correct use of precision instruments and basictools to make settings on agricultural power equipment and small engines tomanufacturer’s specifications.

Learning Expectations                                                                                            

4.1          Demonstratea knowledge of tools used in making precision instruments.            1                             

4.2          Record andinterpret data from precision measurements.            1                             

4.3          Demonstratesafe use of precision tools and equipment.              1                             


Standard 5.0 Thestudent will utilize trouble-shooting techniques to assess engine failureproblems.

Learning Expectations                                                                                                  

5.1          Diagnosecommon engine problems.      1                             

5.2          Categorizemajor causes of engine failures.         1                             




Standard 6.0 Thestudent will relate engine components to various systems.

Learning Expectations                                                                                                  

6.1          Differentiatethe parts and the purpose of each engine system.                2                             

6.2          Specifythe components and functions of hydraulic systems.      2                             


Standard 7.0 Thestudent will read and interpret diagrams and schematics related to agriculturalequipment.

Learning Expectations                                                                                                

7.1          Read andinterpret hydraulic system schematics.              2                             

7.2          Read andinterpret electrical schematics.              2                             


Standard 8.0 Thestudent will compare the characteristics and uses for a variety of fuels andlubricants.

Learning Expectations                                                                                             

8.1          Evaluategrades of diesel and their uses.               1                             

8.2          Evaluategasoline octane ratings and purposes. 1                             

8.3          Evaluatelubricants, by service, grade and function.         1                             


Standard 9.0 Thestudent will demonstrate electrical motor operation, maintenance, andapplication.

Learning Expectations                                                                                            

9.1          Evaluatetypes of electric motors and their agricultural applications.         2                             

9.2          Analyzethe basic parts of an electric motor.        2                             

9.3          Demonstratethe ability to wire an electric motor.            2                             

9.4          Specifythe procedures for maintaining electric motors. 2                             

9.5          Evaluatecontrol systems using electric motors. 2                             


Standard 10.0 Thestudent will evaluate career opportunities available in agriculture power andequipment.

Learning Expectations                                                                                            

10.1        Evaluatecareers and jobs associated with agricultural power.     1                             

10.2        Specifytraining and skills needed for careers in agricultural power industries.     1                             


Standard 11.0 Thestudent will integrate academic competencies in agricultural power andequipment.

Learning Expectations                                                                                                     

11.1        Use currentresources to research modern improvements in agriculture mechanics.        1                             

11.2        Useappropriate grammar and spelling in filling out reports and forms.   1                             

11.3        ConvertEnglish/metric ratios.    1                             

11.4        Readinstruments in metric or English.    1                             

11.5        Use ratiosand percentages in basic shop skills.  1                             

11.6        Explainphysical properties involved in combustion.         1                             

11.7        Explainbasic hydraulic principles using Pascal’s law.         1                            

11.8        Explainbasic laws of electricity. 1                             




Standard 12.0 Thestudent will develop premier leadership and personal growth needed for successand advancement in the career area of agricultural mechanics.

Learning Expectations                                                                                                 

12.1        Analyzecareers in agricultural power and equipment.    1                             

12.2        Use FFAactivities to develop leadership skills.    1                             

12.3        Develop asupervised agricultural experience program. 1                             

12.4        Demonstrateproficiency in agricultural mechanics through FFA career development events.      1                             

12.5        Prepareagricultural mechanic and power exhibits for displays.   2


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