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FFA Camp 2015
Posted By: Sierra Schulz   7/6/2015
FFA... LEGACY! Last week, 37 students traveled from Munford to Doyle, TN for Tennessee FFA Leadership Training Camp, Camp Clements. Throughout those five days of waking up early to clean and getting ready for fun activities, we learned how to live out our FFA legacy. From sports, to classes, to morning clean-up, to extreme quiz bowl contests and extemp speeches, we've learned that leadership is so much more than we think; it takes commitment, dedication, and sacrifice. I can honestly say I am so very excited for what we have in store for this upcoming school year as a part of the Munford FFA chapter! Congratulations to everyone that earned an Outstanding Leader Award!

Posted By: Sierra Schulz   6/2/2014
Even the rain can't keep us down! TGSAS was in full swing as the first day of classes and study hall were put into play. Although it's only the very beginning, we all know there will be more to come. In GSPs this morning, the Veterinary Science Group Study Project was visited by Dr. Seth Krantz, a swine veterinarian. He educated us on a plethora of diseases in porcine and we even got to "tour" a swine production facility. The first thing we were able to do was to take oral fluid samples with 100% cotton ropes. After squeezing the life out of them to get about a 50 mL tube full, we labeled the tubes to send them off to be tested for PRRS. After my group of four in Barn One found a sickly boar, we were able to observe, diagnose, and treat this pig for what we remembered to possibly be a "Suis-cide" Bug of strep. We were also able to learn how to bleed a pig to collect blood samples to test for other possible diseases. After lunch, classes took place and we all settled down for an evening of hitting the books. To end the night, a few of us scholars decided not to let the rain stop us one last time and go for a game of "Splash-Volleyball" seeing as the once sandy volleyball court was now being flooded. As the night comes to an end, my roommate and I hear a bit of commotion out in the hallway from nothing other than a sink falling off the wall in one of the girls bathrooms... And on that note, it's time for some rest for everybody!

Posted By: Sierra Schulz   6/1/2014
As the second day of TGSAS comes to an end with a bit of beach-volleyball-free-time, showers are needed all around! A great pool and pizza party was held today at Dr. Melhorn's house, and I am sure I can say everyone had fun! Whether it was the swimming pool outside or the pool table inside, everyone got a laugh or two in today. Everyone is now relaxing in their dorm rooms, preparing for an exhausting day of GSPs and classes tomorrow. Six o'clock a.m, here we come!

Posted By: Sierra Schulz   5/31/2014
The first day of Tennessee Governor's School for the Agricultural Sciences was a success! Even unpacking tons of luggage was a pleasant experience! From parent orientation to "ice breakers" to playing a few sports and plenty more, the TGSAS class of 2014 kicked off with a great start. Plenty of pictures have been taken by the counselors and students! Getting to know everyone's name and opening up was a big part of the day. There are so many people who are here and eager to learn just as I am, and it's wonderful! From Wal-Mart runs to Sonic runs, the night went on to an early end, seeing as I, as well as everyone else, must rest up for the days to come!

Posted By: McKenzie Manning   9/23/2013
Munford FFA's Ag Sales and Livestock Management classes recently partnered with one another to carry out a mock sheep sale. The "Big Boll Sheep Sale" was facilitated by our Ag Sales class who made banners, farm signs, posters, bidder cards, a catalog, and a sale card. The classes set up a show ring and had five current sheep exhibitors as the consigners from different "farms" participating in the auction. The classes took part in a show to determine the show order and then finally participated in the show that took such careful preparation. This exercise educated multiple students on how much tedious facilitation goes into making a successful auction. Overall it was a blast and a new class project for future years!
Welcome Back
Posted By: Jessie Pyland   1/17/2013

                I hope you all had a great holiday break! Now it is back to school, and into full swing of contest season. Speeches are being written, the Creed is being memorized, and members are being asked intense rounds of questions. Also, our four West Tennessee Star applicants are hard at work preparing their applications and getting ready for their upcoming interviews. State Degree applications have been opened and senior members love ever bittersweet moment of recalling their past four years of membership. Along with those applications, proficiency season has begun, and our members are hard at work filling out this tedious application.  If you have been working on any of these, or maybe all of them, thank you! If you have not yet begun your application and you are reading this, hop to it! With everyone constantly at work on something, the Ag Building has been full of hard working students.  



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