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New England Trip 2018

GoFFA New England Tour June – July, 2018

Professional Development Opportunity


The Munford FFA Chapter has organized a GoFFA Program in which we will be "Putting Culture in Agriculture". We want to increase the knowledge base of our teachers and students to what agriculture has to offer here in the United States.  We will be taking a charter bus traveling to:

Monticello - Monticello is the autobiographical masterpiece of Thomas Jefferson—designed and redesigned and built and rebuilt for more than forty years—and its gardens were a botanic showpiece, a source of food, and an experimental laboratory of ornamental and useful plants from around the world.

Hershey’s Chocolate World - Follow cocoa beans on a delicious journey in this immersive & FREE chocolate making tour. See, feel, hear and smell the transformation of cocoa beans to HERSHEY'S famous chocolate on this fun tour. Then, enjoy a FREE Hershey's product sample on us!

Amish Farmland Tour - Since 1959, the cornerstone of “The Amish Experience” has been the Amish Farmlands Tour, taking you deep into the heart of the oldest Amish community in the world where you’ll marvel at some of the most beautiful farmland you’ll ever set eyes upon. These are the same fertile fields that attracted and have kept our Amish neighbors here for over 250 years. Our certified Amish Country Tours guide answers your questions while calling your attention to the fascinating sites we may observe along the way.

Independence Hall  & The Liberty Bell Center - The State House bell, now known as the Liberty Bell, rang in the tower of the Pennsylvania State House. Today, we call that building Independence Hall. Speaker of the Pennsylvania Assembly Isaac Norris first ordered a bell for the bell tower in 1751 from the Whitechapel Foundry in London. That bell cracked on the first test ring. Local metalworkers John Pass and John Stow melted down that bell and cast a new one right here in Philadelphia. It's this bell that would ring to call lawmakers to their meetings and the townspeople together to hear the reading of the news.

Haines Berry Farm - We are a family owned and operated berry farm of four generations and plan to ensure the opportunity to our next generation.  We strive to make efficient use of inputs, maintain excellent land stewardship practices and produce high quality berries for our customers.  We value rural life and are committed to keeping our rural life vital.

USA Guided Tours New York City - Make the most of your time in the city that never sleeps with this 5-hour guided tour of NYC’s top attractions. Travel by both boat and bus as you swing by Wall Street, the 9/11 Memorial, South Street Seaport, Federal Hall and much more. You’ll then hop aboard a luxury boat for a sightseeing cruise past the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, complete with stunning views of the New York City skyline and Brooklyn Bridge. Finish your day exploring Central Park and landmarks like Lincoln Center.

Lymans Orchard  - Purchase in 1741 of a 37-acre parcel of land in what is now Middlefield. Now covering more than 1,100 acres of scenic farmland, Lyman Orchards is one of the most popular family attractions in New England. Now in its 275th year, Lyman Orchards continues to evolve while maintaining its steadfast commitment to preserving the land for future generations. Today, members of the 8th and 9th generations of the family are directly involved in the business. Like their ancestors before them, preservation of the land remains central to their heritage, and the family continues to be innovative in its ways of upholding their traditions.

Wrights Dairy Farm - Welcome to Wright’s Dairy Farm & Bakery where producing quality dairy and bakery products is our family tradition. We are a real working dairy farm that has been selling fresh milk direct to the public since 1914 to include the farm, bottling, bakery and store.

Lucky Catch Cruises - Maine Lobstering Tours. Come join us for an unforgettable excursion on the waters of Casco Bay while we guide you through the daily routines of a Maine Lobsterman. Participate in the excitement of hauling up the traps or sit back and relax as we cruise near picturesque lighthouses, historic civil war forts and the “Seal Rocks”. Each of our lobster tours lasts for 80-90 minutes and passenger numbers are limited to ensure that everyone gets an up-close and personal Maine lobstering experience.

Glove Hollow Christmas Tree Farm - Over 75,000 trees on 435 acres

Glove Hollow Christmas Tree Farm a cut your own, pre-cut and wholesale Christmas Tree Farm located in Plymouth, NH. It is owned and operated by the Ahern family who have been farming the property since 1897.

Paradise Farm Sugarhouse - Located along the Molly Stark Trail, the farm consists of 55 acres, which is wooded with Sugar Maple trees. The 200 + year old farm house sits along Whetstone Brook. There are two horse barns, many outbuildings, a hen house and the original sugar house. The farms unique history of sugaring has come and gone. In 1954, the farm was featured in National Geographic, in the April Issue depicting sugaring scenes in Vermont. We are very proud to revive the sugaring operation with a new sugarhouse and gift store. Our sugarhouse was built by us and is of post and beam construction. The frame came from a 200 year old building located in downtown Brattleboro. Amazingly, it was transformed into our "New" sugarhouse. It even has the original pegs that hold the frame together.

Niagara Falls - With awe-inspiring scenery year-round, thrilling attractions, interactive exhibits, miles of hiking trails, and delectable dining options in a family-friendly environment, Niagara Falls State Park is an adventure-packed experience! No passport is needed to experience an unforgettable and breathtaking Niagara Falls vacation.

Please feel free to look over the itinerary on the Munford FFA Chapter Website at if you have any questions please feel free to call me.  This will be the seventh trip we have organized for group travel, and I certainly want it to be a successful professional development opportunity.

Cost of the Educational Opportunity…Is determined by the number of people that enroll.

Enrollment fee is $350 per person.  Enrollment period ends February 15, 2018.
Enrollment fees are not on top of the cost of the trip; it is included in the overall cost.

(30 Participant’s) Student Package - $1350 per student in a four person room Teacher Package - $1700 per teacher/adult in a two person room

(50 Participant’s) Student Package - $1150 per student in a four person room Teacher Package - $1500 per teacher/adult in a two person room

Includes bus transportation, hotels, tickets to all events & tours, breakfast and one other meal per day.

Please make checks payable to:                                                                                      Let's GoFFA...

Munford FFA Alumni                                                                                          Ann Johnson

1080 McLaughlin Drive                                                                                      GoFFA Coordinator

Munford, TN 38058                                                                                             901-482-5951    


Payment Plans: Students enrollment fees as well as monthly payments can be made online using a debit or credit card at Once the enrollment period ends we will determine package cost based on the number enrolled. The prices list are examples and the maximum you should expect to pay for the trip. For example if 40 people enroll the fee would be less than the marked 30 people price. Any questions regarding payment options can be directed to Mrs. Ann Johnson at 901-482-5951 or Mrs. Vicki Schulz at 901-232-8504

Example Plans for 30 people:

                        Students:                                                          Adults:

Enrollment Fee: $350                                         Enrollment Fee: $350

Monthly Payments: $200/month                         Monthly Payments: $270/month

Trip Cancellation Policy: In the event we do not have 30 participants enroll in the trip, all money will be completely refunded to those enrolled.

Individual Cancellation Policy: Individuals that withdraw from the trip will NOT receive a full refund. Once the trip makes (having 30 participants enrolled), the bus will be secured and therefore that money is already spent. Therefore; $500 is non-refundable.  



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